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Fall 2015 Playoffs

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Welcome to the Fall 2015 Playoffs

Reschedule of Games Jan. 9th and 10th


 Good Afternoon - 

Do the the on going storm and uncertainty of the weather for this up coming weekends tournament, we have recognized that weather will play an ever increasing role in our ability to host one this weekend. So we have collectively decided to postponed the tournament as of  today, in lieu of waiting to Friday night to make a decision. We felt that was the best option for everyone and for planning their weekend.  We will do our best to ensure the remaining Champions Cups are played in January.   They are tentatively planned for the weekend of the 16th and 17th in the Tustin area.  We will be forwarding updated information as the dates gets closer.

​As for our remaining rained out League Cup 1 games, we are faced with the reality that we will not be able to reschedule those games as planned.  It is unfortunate that we do not have the time and resources to reschedule these games as we had tried to in January.  With the limited field space ​and the uncertainty of the weather it makes rescheduling very difficult, this is the reason why we tried to fit as many games in as we could in the month of December.  

Once again, thank you for your patients and understanding of the rescheduling / postponement of the tournament. It is in our best interest to be able to have the kids play.  

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Registration and Check-in:

Teams must check-in at the site of their first match at least one hour prior to their first match. Coach and players must be present at the check-in

Each Coach must present: • a copy of his or her team eAYSO roster, signed by the Regional Commissioner and matching the one submitted by the Area Director to the tournament, • player registration/medical release forms with original or electronic signatures for each player on the roster, and •

AYSO identification cards for each player, Coach and Assistant Coach. Failure to provide all of the above indicated documents will result in player or team ineligibility to participate in the tournament.

 Tournament Rules and Guidelines


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​Please email Heather Carter at with any questionsSection 11 EXTRA Tournament Guidelines 121015.pdfSection 11 EXTRA Tournament Guidelines 121015.pdfCheck-in Process 021215.pdfCheck-in Process 021215.pdf

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